Get Out The Vote!


Even though most of us are not politicians, the decisions made by politicians affect each of us in our everyday lives.  Everything from how much sales tax we pay, to red-light cameras in our neighborhoods, and how much money goes into the education system.

If you have a vote, you have a voice! Use It!

How to vote early in Chicago!

Illinois voters can find your local polling place here!

Contact your local officials:

The White House –

U.S. House of Representatives –

U.S. Senate –

Illinois Elected Officials –

Indiana Elected Officials –

Wisconsin Elected Officials –

Political Organizations

The Democratic Party
The Republican Party
Lake County Democrats
Kane County Democrats
McHenry County Democrats
DuPage County Democrats
Cook County Democrats
Kenosha County Democrats
Wheatland Township Democrats
Will County Democrats
Winnebago County Democrats
Tenth Congressional District Democrats
McHenry County Libertarian Party
Libertarian National Committee
The Illinois Green Party