The Santita Jackson Show

The Santita Jackson Show is a powerful compelling morning drive show hosted. The show is focused on issues affecting our communities both locally and nationally. Santita Jackson is a multi-talented communicator on radio, television and on stage and is the newly-minted host of “The SANTITA JACKSON SHOW”, on the nation’s largest Progressive Talk Radio station, Chicago’s WCPT 820.  Her credits include on-air contributor on FOX News; acclaimed singer; television and radio host; producer; writer; actress; and, motivational speaker. Santita uses her voice to address the political, social, cultural and religious issues of our time and effectively communicates her views while reaching multitudes of audiences around the globe. Her talent exceeds expectations and crosses genres while removing ideological divides.

Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, to the Rev. Jesse and Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson, and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Santita was immersed into a household that was home to the Civil Rights Movement and was a hotbed of political activism; participating in marches and campaigns as a young child and was deeply involved in the Church.

Santita always had a passion for academics and music. Recognizing her nascent talent, Roberta Flack gifted her with a Steinway piano at the tender age of eight. As a high school senior, Santita became a nationally recognized scholar and was a recipient of the National Merit-Achievement Scholarship. Having tendered offers from Spelman College, Yale University and Harvard University, Santita opted to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C. on a full academic scholarship.

In 2001, Santita expanded her career in communications to radio and television, as both a producer and on-air talent. She is the former Director of the P.U.S.H. Television Studio, located at the National Headquarters of the Rainbow/P.U.S.H. Coalition in Chicago, Illinois. At P.U.S.H. Studios, Santita was in charge of studio operations and was the producer of two weekly television shows: the P.U.S.H. SATURDAY MORNING FORUM—a “Live” Church Service/Community Rally; and, she was the inaugurating Senior Producer, Researcher, and Voice Over talent for the UP FRONT with JESSE JACKSON, community affairs television show addressing national and international issues. Telecast on the WORD Network, the nation’s largest urban religious television network, those shows continue to reach more than 85 million American homes, and more than 200 million homes throughout Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. In 2004, she added to those duties and was tapped to become the executive producer/writer/and co-host of the nationally-syndicated KEEP HOPE ALIVE with REV. JESSE JACKSON radio show which is broadcast on the Premiere Radio/Clear Channel Network.

In 2006, she became the midday host of the top-rated urban talk radio show in Chicago, WVON-AM‘s, “The Santita Jackson Show”. The show made national and international issues relatable to her local audience and connected local stories to international ones. From politics and religion to cultural and platonic, familial and romantic relationships, the show was unique as it amassed a strong following with “Urban” and “Mainstream” audiences. She also assumed the duties as host of the WYCC FORUM, an issues forum on Chicago City Colleges’ PBS television station. This heightened profile led to appearances on MSNBC as a social and political pundit, where she became a founding writer/contributor to their political and news website, This led to her role as on-air Contributor on the FOX NEWS and FOX Business Channels.

Listen to THE SANTITA JACKSON SHOW weekdays at 6 AM