The Family Meeting

Airs Every Sunday 4P-6P


The Family Meeting is a show about nothing. Well…not NOTHING. The show is really about YOU!

Eric Grant and his guests, who vary every week, talk about whatever they have on their minds, in an entertaining and informative way. But the secret ingredient of the show is you, the listener. The goal of the show is to encourage more family dialogue and discussions. Eric Grant and his cast of contributors seek to inspire those conversations by raising issues and offering possible solutions to the challenges we all face, every day.

So if you want to eavesdrop on a great conversation or become part of the show by calling in, tune in every Sunday. It’s educational, inspirational and, at times, confrontational. But its always good fun radio!

The Family Meeting is making constructive conversation the new ‘normal’.

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 The FAMILY MEETING is sponsored by Polaris Insurance 


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