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Bill Press began his career as a political insider and media commentator on KABC-TV and KCOP-TV, both in Los Angeles. He reported on location during the collapse of the Soviet Union and has covered both the Democratic and Republican national conventions in 1980, 1984, and 1988. The former co-host of MSNBC’s Buchanan and Press, CNN’s Crossfire and The Spin Room, Press has built a national reputation on thought-provoking and humorous insights from the left side of the political aisle.

An award-winning radio talk show host with top ratings at KFI-AM and WMAL-AM, Press hosted Bill Press: True American on KFI-AM, Southern California’s No. 1 AM radio station. Press has received numerous awards for his work, including four Emmys and a Golden Mike Award. In 1992, the Associated Press named him Best Commentator of the Year.

Press is the author of four books: Spin This! (Atria, 2002), Bush Must Go! (Dutton Books, 2004), How The Republicans Stole Christmas (Doubleday, 2005), and his latest Train Wreck: The End of the Conservative Revolution, published by Wiley in March 2008. Press also writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column, distributed weekly by Tribune Media Services.

Press was chairman of the California Democratic Party from 1993 to 1996 and served as chief of staff to California State Sen. Peter Behr (R). He also served as director of the California Office of Planning and Research under Jerry Brown. A native of Delaware, Bill Press now lives in Washington, D.C. Bill and his wife Carol have two sons, Mark and David.

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