Sunday Mornings with Brandon Johnson

Brandon has been a public servant for nearly 20 years. After working his way through college, Brandon taught social studies and reading in Chicago Public Schools at Jenner Academy Elementary and Westinghouse College Prep.

It was at Jenner Elementary School, in the Cabrini-Green neighborhood that Brandon’s passion and commitment to social and economic justice peaked. While his students were bright, energetic and full of promise, they lived in a neighborhood struggling to survive under the weight of poverty and high levels of unemployment and violence.

After his experiences at Jenner & Westinghouse, Brandon was in search of opportunities that would not only help him positively impact his student’s school communities but their families and neighborhoods.

In 2011 Brandon joined the resurgent Chicago Teachers Union as an organizer. Brandon helped to organize the monumental 2012 CTU strike and fought against the onslaught of closings and privatization in Black and Latinx schools. In 2015 Brandon led field campaigns that forced a historic mayoral runoff and 18 aldermanic runoffs in the city of Chicago. Most recently, Brandon has coordinated coalition campaigns with parent and community organizations to pass state legislation for an elected representative school board, stronger oversight of private charter operators, restoring collective bargaining rights for teachers and elimination of tax breaks and slush funds for the 1%.

Brandon recently ran for public office and won on a dynamic platform that included expanding public accommodations, protecting workers’ rights and demanding the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes; he is the Democratic Nominee for Cook County Commissioner of the 1st District and will take office December 3rd, 2018.

Brandon holds a B.A. in Human Services, Youth Development Programming and Management and an M.A. in Teaching from Aurora University. He resides on the West Side of Chicago with his wife, Stacie, two sons, Owen and Ethan, and daughter, Braedyn.