Chicago Heal

Rep. La Shawn Ford


An hour-long radio talk show to address the mental health of Chicago. Co-host Meleika Gardner will join Ford for the radio talk show titled ‘Chicago Heal’. 

The hour-long talk radio show will be a campaign to push mental health healing for communities and families in Chicago. The show will bring mental health experts together to help communities and families in Chicago heal from the past and ongoing trauma of violence in Chicago. 

“As violence continues to grow in the city, babies are being killed, people are being car-jacked, businesses are being run out of the town, and no matter where you live, you are at risk of Chicago’s violence. We cannot leave any stone unturned to stop the killing and violence in Chicago,” said Ford. 


Rep. La Shawn Ford

Years served: January 2007 – Present

Committee assignments: Appropriations-Higher Education (Chairperson); Financial Institutions; Labor & Commerce; Public Utilities; Restorative Justice Committee (Vice-Chairperson); Fair Lending and Community Reinvest.

Biography: B.S., Loyola University Chicago. Former Chicago Public Schools teacher, still certified. Licensed real estate broker and insurance agent. Chair of House Democratic Task Force to Increase State Government Business Opportunities for Minority-Owned Enterprises and Small Businesses. Chair of Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. Co-founder of West Side Heroin Task Force. 2018 Nelson Mandela Award for Justice Honoree from Westside Health Authority, in recognition of tireless service and outstanding contributions in fostering peace and fighting for justice on the West Side of Chicago. Representative since 2007.

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