Against the Grain

Against the Grain (Sunday’s 3-4 PM): Against the Grain is geared towards taking on hot topics and weighing out the pros and cons on every subject.  Not going with the politically correct answers. We plan to talk with policymakers, community leaders, everyday newsmakers, and more. Against the Grain will have a new perspective on hot-button issues that most people want to discuss but find it hard to speak their minds because of their position in the workforce.


Raza Siddiqui

Journalist, Entrepreneur, and Labor Leader Raza Siddiqui has stood countless times with workers fighting for the rights of journalists.  He emphasizes bargaining for the training of workers in a dynamically changing industry.  He is also a staunch advocate for Journalist rights having campaigned for Illinois Camera in the courtrooms and federal shields laws for journalists and an active member of the Chicago Headline Club.

When he started his company Skyline Media the news team covered some of Chicagoland’s biggest stories including the arrest and trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich and Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson.  At this time, he made sure his company contracting with networks, wire services, and international media outlets paid all their workers competitive rates above those negotiated by union contracts to show his commitment to his workforce, many of those same workers he represents today.

An Emmy award-winning journalist, runner up in DuPage Senior Citizens Council Dancing with the stars, Raza believes in objectively presenting the story and letting the audience decide.  He stands up and discusses the issues important to Chicago with fellow co-host and community activist Tio “Mr. Ceasefire” Hardiman  He’s happy to join a great lineup at WCPT.

Tio Hardiman

Tio Hardiman is a Former Gubernatorial Candidate/Illinois.  President of Violence Interrupters, Inc and he currently serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Field of Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice.