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  • 7/23/2019 Dario Castañeda Immigration Attorney

Mr. Castañeda works for Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C. and focuses his practice on Employment and Family-based Immigration, Applications for Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas at embassies and consulates overseas, Applications for waivers of inadmissibility, Deportation/Exclusion/Removal Proceedings, Citizenship and Naturalization, Asylum, Appeals, and Representing Minors in Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases.

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  • 7/26/2019 Shelley Young

Shelley has been cooking in professional kitchens since 1980 and holds a degree in the Culinary Arts from Iowa Culinary Institute. After moving to Chicago from San Diego in 1994, Shelley worked simultaneously as a private chef for one of the most influential families in Chicago and as a full-time chef at the hip French Bistro, Café du Midi. While holding down her two full-time positions, she created The Chopping Block Cooking School, which opened its doors on April 1997. In 2003, the Chopping Block expanded to its second location. It doubled the square footage of the original location in the heart of the vibrant Lincoln Square neighborhood. In 2005, Shelley moved the original location from Lincoln Park to the iconic Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.

The Chopping Block



  • Patricia Frontain – Founder of Patrick Lives On and Script Supervisor for NBC’s Chicago PD  Webiste:
  • Daniel Biss – Twitter : @DanielBiss
  • Shelly Lawler – Fashion Designer and Author Website: 


  • David Oliver – Social Media Editor for the Travel section at USA TODAY  –
  • Book Author- Kristie Bouryal – 11 Courage and Tributes – 
  • Stephanie Burling, Financial Advisor, Bankers Life and Jody Rosenbaum, Attorney & Insurance Agent, Bankers Life – They can be contacted at  (708) 429-8400
  • Pastor Chris Edmonds and Author  “No Surrender” by pastor Chris Edmonds out in October published by Harper Collins –     –
  • Republican Lawyer John G. Fogarty – 
  • Democratic Lawyer Mike Dorf  – 




  • Nick Pullia – Director, Communications for Ravinia   –  
  • Codie Prevost’  Canadian Country Music Artist  – 
  • Ellen Miller – “Out Chicago” on WCPT  – 
  • Dick Kay – “Back on the Beat” on WCPT – 
  • Alex Hersh – NEXUS Chamber Music Chicago
  • Stefan Hersh – Artistic Director Guarneri Hall
  • Cynthia Noble – Exec.Dir. Art on the Mart
  • Assaf Evron Photographer and Artist








  • John Bartman, 5th generation farmer on Marengo
  • Ryan Piers Anchor for NBC News Radio
  • Former Senator Roland Burris  
  • Kwame Amoaku – Director of Chicago Film Office
  • State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-Chicago) represents the 39th District – 





  • Ryan Piers Anchor for NBC News Radio
  • Diana Martinez, Frida Fest
  • Stephanie Burling, Financial Advisor, Bankers Life and Jody Rosenbaum, Attorney & Insurance Agent, Bankers Life
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Co-Editor National Book Review 
  • Stevie Valles,  Executive Director of Chicago Votes 
  •  Tiffany Walden, Co-Funder of the Triibe 




  • Nick Pullia – Director, Communications for Ravinia –  
  • Nick Harkin/Photographer Julian Wasser/Gallerist Arica Hilton
  • Kasia Wereszczynska, Executive Director In Her Shoes Foundation 
  • Jerry Riles “The Rewind” on WCPT
  • Jim Masini, Director of Our Town and Jill Chukerman, President of Our Town
  • Nicole Gifford and Melissa Mallinson, co-producers and co-founders of Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival






  • Democratic Lawyer Michael C. Dorf
  • Jim leaming, Founding Ensemble member of American Blues Theater (playing “Ronald Reagan”) / Ensemble member Marty Higgingbotham is directing Five Presidents/ Guest artist Stephen Spencer (playing “Bill Clinton”) The Five Presidents 
  • Jigar Shah, The Chicago South Asian Film Festival 
  • Rebecca Ford and Scott Duff 








  • Ryan Piers, Anchor for NBC News Radio   Twitter: @RyanPiersMedia
  • David de la Fuente, Senior Political Analyst for Third Way  Website:
  • Lou Cairo from GWC law   Website: 
  • Dan Balanoff , Candidate for the 8th Sub-circuit on the Circuit Court   Website:


  • Dina Bair – Midday Anchor and daily medical reporter for Chicago’s Very Own, WGN TV 
  • Judd Legum “Popular Information”
  • Jill Wine Banks, American Lawyer 
  • Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Director of American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom




  • Chris Bury, DePaul journalist in residence, Emmy-Award Winning network news correspondent for ABC and PBS     Twitter:   @ChrisBuryNews
  • John Daniel, President & Business Manager of the Sheet Metal Workers, SMART Local 265     Website: 
  •  9th Ward Alderman Anthony A. Beale   Website: 


  • Alexandra Eidenberg, Founder of We Will    Website: 
  • Gaby FeBland, Communications Coordinator for 826CHI   Website: 
  • Ryan Piers Anchor for NBC News Radio 
  • Political Activist Charlene Carruthers   Website: 


  • Dina Bair, Midday Anchor and daily medical reporter for Chicago’s Very Own, WGN TV 
  • Dr. Joe Parks, Medical Director of National Council for Behavioral Health
  • David Kidwell, Special Projects Editor at the Better Government Association 
  • Executive Director, Melody Geraci of Active Transportation Alliance 


  • Thom Hartmann, American radio personality and author
  • Tamara Gaumond, Author “100 Things to Do in Rockford Before You Die”
  • Kurt Elling, American jazz singer and songwriter
  • Elysabeth Alfano Food and Politics
  • Leslie Mueller, Executive Producer and Host of Museum Access


  • Brandon Johnson, Chicago Teachers Union Political Director
  • Harriet Resnick and Tim Pollak – Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Dan Sinker, Co-Host of Says Who Podcast
  • Shelley Young, The Chopping Block
  • Michael Lyle, Jr. News Anchor/Reporter at New England Public Radio


  • Look ahead with Tom Haugh
  • Ed Yonka, spokesman for the ACLU
  • Retired Chicago Fire Department Deputy Battalion Chief/ Author – Dekalb Walcott
  • Pharmacist & Co-Owner of Mark Drugs – Craig Botagowsk    Website: 


  • Ryan Piers Anchor for NBC News Radio
  • Stephanie Burling – Senior Insurance Agent and Manager with Bankers Life & Jody Rosenbaum – Licensed Attorney
  • Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
  • State Rep. Mark Batinick
  • Hugo Rojas, an immigration attorney with Scott. D. Pollock & Associates – an immigration law firm in Chicago


  • Dina Bair, Midday Anchor and daily medical reporter for Chicago’s Very Own, WGN TV 
  • Shia Kapos, Reporter for POLITICO and author of POLITICO’s Illinois Playbook
  • Meagan Hatcher-Mays, Indivisible’s director of democracy policy
  • CEO of Deborah’s Place, Audrey Thomas
  • Gerard Moorer, Candidate for Illinois State Representative 10th Legislative District


  • Raych Jackson, Poet & Author
  • Rachel Ventura, Candidate for Illinois’ 11th Congressional District
  • Jerry Riles “The Rewind Sports : 60” on WCPT 
  • Terri McMahon, Actress – Bernhardt/Hamlet


  • Dr. Dorothy Thompson – Director, Bullying Prevention & Awareness 365,inc.     Website: 
  • Founder and Owner, Chicago’s First Ever Plant Based Vegan Food Tour! & Founder of veggieluvparadise Natassia      Website: 
  • David Gamble, Photographer
  • Rebecca Ford and Scott Duff, Fun Friday Movie Reviews


  • Dr. Sherif Badawy 
  • Tom Haugh, PTI Securities and Host of “Stocks & Jocks” Podcast
  • Patti Tuomey, President of Josephinum Academy
  • Tom Moss, Host of “The Indivisible Chicago Podcast” on WCPT


  • Mike Crute Host of “The Devil’s Advocates”
  • Ryan Piers Anchor for NBC News Radio
  • Former Mayor David Orr
  • City treasurer
  • Pastor Chris Edmonds


  • David Layman PBS Host in Rhode Island
  • Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Stacy Davis Gates
  • Democratic Lawyer Mike Dorf
  • Brandon Johnson, Cook County Commissioner
  • Man-Yee Lee, Communications Director of YMCA Metro Chicago  Website: 
  • 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman


  • Attorney Juan Thomas, Former President of The National Bar Association
  • Mark Karlin, Founder & Publisher at
  • Alderman Raymond Lopez
  • Allison Stanger, Russell J. Leng ’60 Professor of International Politics and Economics


  • 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale
  • Jay Paul, Writer & Producer of the movie called Foster Boy
  • Greg Hinz, Political Reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business
  • Claudette Robinson, Original member of the Motown group called The Miracles & Author of the book “Claudette’s Miraculous Motown Adventure”
  • Keith Wallace, Award-winning one man anti-gun violence show


  • 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin
  • Tanja Murray IL – Volunteer Local Lead for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
  • Brandon Johnson, Cook County Commissioner & CTU Political Director


  • State Rep. Jonathan Carroll
  • Steve Bernas, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau re- new scams in Chicago
  • Bela Gandhi – President of Smart Dating Academy
  • Rocio S. Becerril – Immigration Attorney
  • Dr. Lauren Streicher 
  • Jason Brett, Nominated for a JEFF Award for Miracle the Musical


  • Dina Bair, Midday Anchor and daily medical reporter for Chicago’s Very Own, WGN TV 
  • Dave Plier, The chairman of the board of the Museum of Broadcast Communications
  • Greg Hinz, Political Reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business
  • Robert Emmons, Jr., a progressive democrat running in IL-01
  • Helene Genetos, National Hellenic Museum
  • Executive Chef Augie Arifi of Bobby’s Lincoln Park


  • Daniel Lawrence, Senior Research Associate at the Urban Institute
  • Director, Leah Huskey and cast from ‘ME TOO MONOLOGUES’
  • Union Strong – John Spiros, Business Manager – Painters District Council #14
  • David Hochberg


  • Shelley Young, The Chopping Block
  • Dr. Peter Glidden
  • Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins from Love Fur Dogs Pet of the Month
  • Cara Schwalbach, Development Director One Tail at a Time
  • Ben Gleib, Candidate for President
  • Liv Warfield, Singer
  • Ronnie Marmo – His new show “I’m Not A Comedian…I’m Lenny Bruce”
  • Michelle Gunderson, Trustee for the Chicago Teachers Union & Chicago Public School teacher


  • Antonio Correa WCPT
  • Paul Vallas, Former Mayor Candidate
  • Casey Toner, Better Government Association Journalist


  • Ty Cratic, Candidate for 9th District State Representative
  • Shia Kapos, reporter for POLITICO and author of POLITICO’s Illinois Playbook
  • Gabriel Piemonte
  • Julie Dickinson, Director of Humble Design, Chicago


  • Mark Brown, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist
  • Brandon Johnson, Cook County Commissioner & CTU Political Director
  • Tom Haugh, PTI securities, Stocks and Jocks podcast
  • Matt Gugala, Organizer and V.P. SMART 265 UNION STRONG
  • Alex V. Hernandez, Borderless Magazine’s Engagement Director
  • Dana Divine, Community Outreach and Communications Manager of Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force


  • Kylie Holloway, Neverltheless She Existed, a podcast about history’s forgotten women
  • Scott D. Pollock, founder of Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C., a nationally recognized immigration law firm in Chicago
  • Impeachment update
  • Jordan Shiner, Niles North High School Teacher


  • José Olivarez is an author, poet and educator from Calumet City, Illinois, U.S. His first full collection of poetry is Citizen Illegal, published by Haymarket Books
  • Karyn Calabrese Raw Vegan Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Author
  • Richard chew “The Family Meeting” on WCPT
  • Hubbard st Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton
  • John Truncali, Celebrity Impersonator


  • State Rep. Representative Kam Buckner
  • Heidi Stevens
  • Bridget Gainer, County Board Commissioner, 10th District
  • Grammy-nominated composer, Zhou Tian


  • Congresswoman Robin Kelly
  • Pitchfork Populism, Brad R. Kane author
  • Azam Nizamuddin is running for Circuit Court Judge in DuPage county
  • Attorney Bobby Loncar


  • Dina Bair, Midday Anchor and daily medical reporter for Chicago’s Very Own, WGN TV 
  • Oren Jacobson -Civic Entrepreneur and Organizer, Policy Analyst, Strategy Consultant
  • Sheree Henry, Circuit Court Judge
  • Brandon Johnson, Cook County Commissioner & CTU Political Director


  • Patti Vasquez, Candidate for Rep- IL 19th Dist., Comic, speaker, writer
  • Daniel Charles Founder & Owner of CLEAR K9 Academy
  • Elysabeth Alfano “Food and Politics”
  • Greg Hinz, Political Reporter for Crain’s Chicago Business
  • Mark Plotnick and Jim Summaria – Co-authors of the new book ‘Classic Rock’



  • Rex Huppeke, Chicago Tribune columnist
  • State Rep. Jonathan Carroll
  • Ryan Piers, NBC News Radio Anchor


  • Abe Matthew
  • Dina Bair, Midday Anchor and daily medical reporter for Chicago’s Very Own, WGN TV
  • Brandon Johnson, Cook County Commissioner & CTU Political Director
  • Scott D. Pollock, founder of Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C.
  • Jodi Rosenbaum and Stephanie Burling ” Live For The Future” 
  • Emma Tai, Executive Director, United Working Families 
  • Iris Sowlat, co-prod Climate Change Theatre Action & Actress Angeli Primlani


  • Jim Allen, President – BACADC District 1 “Union Strong”
  • Sarah Conway, Borderless Magazine’s Editorial Director
  • David Hochberg


  • Jerry Riles, WCPT 820
  • Ryan McKinny, dead man walking lyric opera
  • David Orr, Former Mayor
  • Kevin Reome


  • Twas the Night Before… Stage Director & Writer James Hadley
  • Cast member Eric Sciotto, The Light in the Piazza at Lyric Opera House
  • Shepherd Siegel, author & and a playful progressive
  • Rachel Ventura Running for Congress
  • The world of chocolate
  • Steve Treviño American stand-up comedian, writer, and producer