Multimedia Marketing for Elder Care Commerce
Life is comparable to a 5 act play.
Act 1.  Childhood Years – The folly of youth, school, first love, forging an identity.
Act 2.  Early Family Life – Marriage, children, school plays, beach vacations.
Act 3.  Empty Nest – Rediscovering your partner, business opportunities, hobbies.
Act 4.  Retirement – Independence, travel, grandchildren, volunteer work.
Act 5. Managed Lifestyle – Assisted living, memory and critical care, nursing, rehab, hospice. 

ACT 5 – ELDER CARE is a multimedia marketing initiative on WCPT 820, built for elder care commerce. We’ll connect your business with an audience that is ready and waiting to hear your message. The program is affordable and engineered to generate results. Whether you offer independent living, managed care, assisted living, nursing and rehab, memory care, hospice, legal, medical, home improvement or other supportive services for this growing market, we’ll connect you with an engaged and responsive community!
The WCPT 820 audience demographic is ideal for businesses that serve the elder care market. 82% of the WCPT listeners own homes. They are well-educated and have good income. These loyal and engaged consumers are thinkers and planners who can afford to make sound choices.
WCPT listeners are 52% more likely than an average person in the market to be considering Assisted Living for themselves or a family member. Tell your story to people who want to hear it!
Successful marketing and advertising today requires tapping into niches. You must find the consumers who are inclined to respond to your value proposition, and connect with them through media they are loyal to.Technology changes quickly and markets are unforgiving. You must be nimble and adaptable. It starts with a conversation about what you do now, and where you want to go. Demographic and market information, as well as rates and options are just a phone call or email away. Find out if ACT 5 – ELDER CARE is the right path for your business, for more business.
Mark Earnest
Director of Sales
WCPT 820 | @Act5ElderCare