About Us

Chicago’s Progressive Talk believes that a blue-city and a blue-state deserve a Progressive Talk radio station that is entertaining, informative, irreverent and chock full of smart, funny shows with a progressive perspective.

We are one of the last independently owned radio stations in the country. Because we are not part of a conglomerate, our hosts have the freedom to speak their minds… and speak they do.  Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Norman Goldman, Amy Goodman, Tavis Smiley and more progressive voices work hard to keep you entertained and infomed every day!  Thank you for supporting Chicago’s Progressive Talk!

We commit to providing you an alternative to the status quo of talk radio and to providing our advertisers with an effective and results oriented product.

Where can I hear Chicago’s Progressive Talk? 

Chicago’s Progressive Talk can be heard in the Following Places:

820-AM- WCPT at 820-AM operates at full power from Sunrise to Sunset every day. At night power is reduced per FCC RulesCLICK HERE for the monthly full power schedule.

92.5 FM- Covering the Western Suburbs and Northwestern IL

You can also listen to Chicago’s Progressive Talk 24hrs/day… CLICK HERE to launch live stream!

Progressive Talk – Nights and Weekends on the FM’s

92.7 FM- Monday-Thursday 7pm-5am, and Sunday 5am-7pm
99.9 FM- Monday-Thursday 7pm-5am, and Sunday 5am-7pm

Polski.fm Schedule: Polish Language Polski.fm can be heard on the following FM Frequencies:


92.7 FM- Monday-Saturday 5am-7pm
Covering the Northern Suburbs, Northwestern IL and Southern WI

99.9 FM- Monday-Saturday 5am-7pm 

Covering the Southern Suburbs and Northwest IN

Dance Factory Radio

Dance Factory airs on 92.7 WCPY and 99.9 WCPQ from 7 pm to 5 am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. For more information…CLICK HERE