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The Wayne Besen Show

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  2. I wrote to Dick Durbin today asking that he sponsor a bill that makes bringing wild game trophies in to the United States illegal. We certainly can’t change what goes on in Africa but we could sure take the value out of it if they can’t bring these trophies home. I would like to encourage others to write to their Congressmen and ask that they get behind a bill like this. We don’t ever want to see another story like this.

  3. Another name for dog poop—doody. My dogs are small so I call it Tootsie Roll Patrol.

    Thank You for defending abortion rights. Both abortion and being Gay have been around forever, not since the ‘liberal’ 70’s, and will NEVER go away no matter what so, how can we do both most humanitarianly?!

    Besides, if anyone thinks Bristol Palin is the only R child to ever get preggers OOW, they are just plain ‘silly’.
    Repugs will admit their kids are gay because they are adults but, they never have to admit a daughter,wife or girlfriend had an abortion because they paid for it and the rich can buy privacy that the poor cannot.

  4. Wayne, I like your content but…….. How about more “talk radio” and less monologue. Also, I’ve had to stop listening to Norman Goldman because he gets stressed and tends to yell and shout. Please lower you voice. Relax………..
    Regards, Richard.

  5. I have worked in salaried positions for many years and I really hate it when the management will try to force overtime, as “part of the job description” to get all the work done. I have been known to fight this issue and lost a job once because of this. Its just another way to take advantage of the employees in a non-union environment.

  6. I was so pleased to hear you use the term “Sharia” (sorry if I didn’t spell that right) law in discussing the Kim Davis issue. You are the first one I’ve heard to use it, and I have been saying that for months. I’m so disgusted with Christians who think they have the right to mandate what people do. Any religion, really. I can hardly bear to lesson to the station because of all the stupid people who call in!

    • I really enjoy listening to you about every subject you speak about but especially when you deride our governor “Ruiner”. You’re right on about his agenda being nothing more than cloning Scotty’s agenda of squashing unions and their supporters. Looking forward to seeing you at Paison’s on Sept. 23rd.

  7. Hi Wayne, this is just an fyi, but look up Flywheel Software, Inc (The Taxi App) based out of San Francisco. It’s available on the west coast from Seattle to San Diego and we’re currently laying the foundation for entry into this market and others on the east coast.

    Our technology is every bit as good as Uber except we only work with properly licensed and insured taxi drivers. That means NO SURGE PRICING and you’ll always get an experienced professional driver. We are working to be the viable alternative to Uber.

    We’re not publicizing our efforts locally yet but you’ll hear from us very soon. When we do open up here, I hope you’ll consider us to be newsworthy enough to speak about on air.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  8. Re: black young woman caller, originally from Haiti, who bashed American blacks for hurting each other. It’s a question have asked myself. Answer is pretty easy really. I have questions for caller.
    How can you possibly equate growing up in slavery America and Haiti?
    Where did you get your education? Who paid for it?
    How did you get a college education in US? Paid for by?
    Did you grow up in a Haiti ghetto equiv. to US slavery aftermath?
    Does Haiti declare itself Christian? i.e. judgmental vs loving?
    Blacks hurt each other b/c hurting a mate/kids/neighbor has WAY less risk than hurting the white boss/cop/avg.white person w/ a gun.
    We have PROOF. Martin, Brown, Hamilton, Garner, Crawford, Parker, Anderson, Gurley, Rice, Brisbon, Reid, Robinson, White, Harris, Scott, Gray.

  9. Hi Wayne! We have been listening to you and have to commend you on your debating talent. I am learning some good techniques from you — thanks so much! We’ll take all the help we can when fighting with the righties.

    It would be great if you could talk about unions more often (especially all they have done for the middle-class and their significance in history and now in the present).

    Thanks for all you do!


  10. I came across this radio station one week ago in the afternoon.i was looking into a talk radio station that made sense to me and had intellectual pieces of conversation. I’m glad I found it! thank you,Wayne! I told my sister about it – i know she will be listening as well. You make my afternoons..Keep up the good work and for being open minded – boisterous! This Latina appreciates it.

  11. I listen to all my progressive shows through WCPT on my Tune In App. As we have no Progressive Radio in San Diego, CA I start my days off with Stephanie Miller and end the day with Norman Goldman. But I have one issue. That I find very DISTURBING as well as DANGEROUS, for the FEW Progressive Radio shows we DO HAVE. And that issue is when a Host. allows Right Wing callers [and often times they’re REGULAR TROLLERS ,which a screener should catch and a Host should know the voice after awhile] to call in, spew their Fox Talking Points and RW Hate Radio rhetoric. Talk over the Host and then yell “You Liberals”, as they so famously are known to do. That’s DANGEROUS and not at all helping the cause. But the Host will then go back n forth with them. With no respect for those of us who are FED UP. With these people Tainting our Airwaves and our Progressive Host ALLOWING it by even entertaining it. We need Host who will confront these people, by simply telling them they have NO stage on their show. That Time will not be WASTED on their ignorance. And that they should simply call Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. If that’s the kind of hate they like. It makes a person a Hypocrite. If they’re quick to call out the Democrats for their Lack of a Backbone. But then turn around and LACK THEIR OWN. When they allow RW Callers to call in and make excuses for Murdering Cops. Bigoted Candidates, The Greedy 1% and just about anything. That involves MORALS. It makes a Host , JUST AS BAD as they are. And right now. Your shows is #1 in allowing Hate Speech to seep into Progressive Radio. And it’s a Shame .

    • Hello Lisa,

      I am a progressive/liberal and have to disagree with your statements concerning “the other side.” We must hear the other side of the story to understand how to speak truth to these folks. We have to know what we are fighting against (sort of like spying!) Thom Hartmann allows disscenting voices to exercise their freedom of speech and then debunks them if he feels he has a point to make. We can learn a lot from Thom; his motto is “winning the watercooler wars.” As frustrating as hate talk is, sometimes we can learn from the conversation, even when it makes us want to pull our hair out. And sometimes we even find some shred of common concern and can come to some understanding (otherwise we are just attending our own pep rally and “preaching to the choir.”) At times we can even persuade the other side to think differently, and critically, and that is the ULTIMATE GOAL. We need to pride ourselves on being inclusive, critical thinkers. Sure, there are a lot of people that just troll and hate and that’s their problem (and HOBBY apparently.) Yes, I understand your frustration because there seems to be more of them than of us because of their control of much of the media. Take heart, truth will rule the day.

  12. Wayne, Bernie plans to expand voter participation and work hard to get progressives elected to the US House and Senate. That’s the revolution. That’s how he plans to get his plans accomplished.

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