Hal Sparks Short Page

Hal Sparks Short Page

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2 Responses to Hal Sparks Short Page

  1. Hal, great show today and always, although reruns are OK I love it when you can do your show live. Keep up the fight and a great show, take care and best wishes always!!!

  2. Hi Hal! Your show is always very interesting and you are doing great in presenting it each week! KUDOS to you!

    I know you currently concentrate more on the political aspect of things but I would like to see you dedicate at least a portion each Saturday for people to call in and discuss the TV series you were in for Showtime some time ago, QAF, that ran for 5 years! It was a great success and many of us wish it would return or that a movie would be made about it! There are many things we would like to ask you about concerning the show and you simply do not give enough credit to yourself as an actor, and you should, so how about it, Hal? Thanks for your consideration!